Village Rice Farmers in PNG Benefit From Trukai’s Support

Farmers from the Nadzab area in Morobe province, Papua New Guinea received Village Sustainability Kits (VSK) from Trukai Industries to assist them with their rice farming.

The company donated these kits to three model farmers who will be caretakers of the equipment, which will cater to more than 30 farmers from Gabsongek Village.

 Village Rice Farmers in PNG  Benefit From Trukai’s Support[Photo by Trukai Industry]

This group of farmers have transitioned their method of farming from dryland rice farming to irrigation rice farming under Trukai Industries’ Smart Farmer Project.

While presenting the Village Sustainability Kits to the farmers, Rice Development Manager, Aina Davis advised the farmers that the support that Trukai had given through this donation would greatly benefit them.

“I urge you all to take ownership of this farming program which you will benefit from the donation of these Village Sustainability Kits. This will help you in the long run,” said Davis.

One of the model farmers, Paul Laban, expressed appreciation of Trukai Industries’ support towards their farming projects and thanked the company for its generosity.

“Thank you Trukai Industries for recognising us as we are only village rice farmers. These kits and the skillsets imparted by your field team will greatly help us and in turn help our communities by encouraging more farmers to join this program,” said Laban.

Chief Executive Officer of Trukai Industries Alan Preston said this donation was timely as most of the farmers in Gabsongek were transitioning from dryland rice farming to irrigation rice farming.

“Trukai Industries’ current Smart Farmer Project aims to shift traditional dryland rice farming to smart farming with irrigation system. The project ensures the farmers are equipped with knowledge and skills of irrigation farming and this donation of the Village Sustainability Kits will greatly help the farmers of Gabsongek village,” said Preston.

Through its Small Holder Rice Development Program, Trukai Industries offers support in terms of the Village Sustainability Kit, technical expertise and paddy market access.

The VSK is supplied to genuine irrigation farmers who develop and build their skillsets to be model farmers. They are then given a solar rice mill kit, power tiller, manual seeders, knapsacks, sickles and rice seedlings. So far Trukai Industries Ltd, has supported 200 farmers since its inception with plans to expand in the future.


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