PNG's NiuSky Pacific Celebrates International Day of the Air Traffic Controllers

The International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, is celebrated on October 20th each year, the day also celebrates all the men and women around the world who work to help make air travel the safest possible mode of transport.

NiuSky Pacific Limited (NSPL), the Papua New Guinea's air navigation service provider, has joined the Aviation Industry worldwide  in celebrating International Day of the Air Traffic Controller.

Equipment and systems introduced over the years have helped improve efficiency and contributed to a safe-and-sound ATC system, but the individual controller has always been the key element in the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible ATC network we have today. 

Controllers are the most flexible and adaptable element of the system, readily able to grow with continually evolving procedures, changing technical systems, and social and environmental constraints.

NSPL is proud of its world-class safety record and safety-first culture. Our highly skilled air traffic controllers are among the region’s best, managing the safe and orderly flow of aircraft into, out of, and between airports throughout Papua New Guinea.

As Guardians of the PNG sky, NSPL air traffic controllers are the unsung heroes who safely and efficiently guide so many aircrafts every day, in perfect harmony – protecting both PNG travelling public and our customer airlines.


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