Bank South Pacific working on Australian stock exchange flexibility

 THE Bank South Pacific Financial Group Limited (BSP) is working on having more visibility on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), says chief executive officer Mark Robinson.

Robinson said the BSP management and board had met with ASX officials in Sydney this year.

The ASX is now working on a calendar for next year.

“The management visited the ASX in July and did a debrief on resources they have to promote their listed companies,” Robinson said.

“The first step was that we wanted the board to be visible in the ASX.

“Three weeks ago, the board met ASX in Sydney with a number of financial institutions both banks and non-banks over several days and held an event for a number of our Sydney based partners and investors.

“We are working with the ASX to put together a calendar for 2024 in terms of visibility.

“We have a number of in-house things that they can do, there has been a number of recommendations on some of the steps that they think are necessary for us to increase our profile as well.

“We did the due diligence in 2023 both the management and the board, engaged with the ASX, and in 2024 we will be doing a number of things that they said have worked very well, particularly for companies that have duel listings.

“The largest number of duel listing is from New Zealand and ASX recommended that there are a number of actions that they have done with those companies that will be very helpful with us.”


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