Internet Prices in PNG not coming down : Minister Masiu

 Papua New Guinea INFORMATION and Communication Technology Minister Timothy Masiu says internet rates will only be brought down once measures to censor online content and improve online safety are implemented.

“People have been calling for the internet rates to be brought down (but) I have maintained my stance that we are not going to bring it down quickly,” Masiu said.

He said the main concern was how children were using their mobile phones and internet access, and even though technology in the form of smart phones was convenient, it could also be damaging to the minds of children if not properly monitored.

He also brought up the result of a 2017 international survey which claimed that Papua New Guinea was among the top countries which had a high number of web searches with the keyword “porn”.

“As a Government, we are concerned with the influence of technology on our young people,” Masiu said.

He said it was frightening to think of the kind of content children could be exposed to online.

“We cannot afford to let this go on.

“Parents must continue to educate children on the use of the internet,” he said.

Department deputy secretary Russel Woruba said there was not a lot of local content online that displayed traditional values and principles.

“It is a parent’s responsibility to monitor (their) children’s internet use,” he said.

“You can never outsource that accountability to anyone else.”

The National / Pacific Business News

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