Papua New Guinea's Porgera mine not affected by Violence

 THE violence in Porgera has not affected the multi-billion Porgera gold mine in Enga, says  Papua New Guinea Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) managing director Jerry Garry.

Garry yesterday responded to reports of violence and mayhem in Paiam town, Porgera.

“The mine site to date – there has not been any issues at all,” he said.

Papua New Guinea's Porgera mine not affected by Violence [photo credit : Pacific Mining Watch]

“(But) there is still a possibility and the threat is still there.”

He said people on social media were misinforming the public that equipment at the mine site were destroyed.

“We have received confirmation from site managers on the ground that this is not true, that nothing has been destroyed,” Garry said.

He said the MRA had reduced its field work due to the election-related violence.

“MRA has suspended all its field trips simply because of these election-related violence,” he said.

“We have taken this precaution to stop all field work except urgent matters (which) would involve a possible threat to shut down operations, or from the landowners or other issues we feel important to attend to.

“Other than that all business has been suspended.”

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner David Manning said there had been an upsurge in lawlessness in the past 72 hours in parts of Enga.

“I have conveyed my concerns to the prime minister (and the) chief of the PNG Defence Force.

“We have resolved to establish a multi-task force to enforce the law in Enga immediately and to also secure the Porgera mine.”

The National / Pacific Business News

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