Businesses in PNG to benefit from General elections

 CERTAIN businesses in Papua New Guinea  will benefit in the general election period with an increase in cash-flow, according to the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry (POMCCI).

President Rio Fiocco said businesses who provided printing, hire car, and motor vehicle sales would benefit.

Businesses in PNG to benefit from General elections  [Photo by]

He also warned business houses in Port Moresby to take extra security precautions and if need be, install closed circuit television camera’s because there would be opportunist throughout the period where large crowds would gather.

“There will be some businesses that there will be doing better,” Fiocco said.

“For example, those businesses that do printing and hire cars.

Companies that sell outboard motors and dinghies as well as motor vehicles will do better in the election period.

“It’s quite selective, it’s not all businesses that will benefit.

“Traditionally, there’s going to be a negative impact on the coffee industry because the picking of the cherries happens around the middle of the year and people are too busy in the elections to pick cherries so usually, there will be a drop in

coffee production in an election year.” Fiocco also said the general election would not have much of an impact on other businesses.

“For us, its business as usual but be ready with extra security and also where need be, have CCTV available because invariably, there will be opportunists who take opportunity where there are large crowd gatherings for nominations, campaign rallies and polling.

Businesses in the highlands will probably take extra precautions with security but we hope that the police and when needed the army, will help.

“We are just watching with interest.”

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